Rave Reviews

"In Global Business Leadership 2e authors Wibbeke and McArthur stretch us beyond our borders and into a reality where mastery of business, culture, and leadership is no longer a "nice-to-have," it is a "must-have"!"

~ Warren Bennis
Professor, University of Southern California and author of over 30 books on leadership and change.

"The leaders of the future cannot just work in their countries alone; they must work throughout the world. Dr. Wibbeke and Sarah McArthur show us how!"

~ Marshall Goldsmith
Million-selling author What Got You Here and Mojo

"Global Business Leadership is a leading edge volume that highlights behavioral sciences and cross-cultural management skills. It should be required reading for all MBA and DBA students, as well as for those majoring in leadership."

~ Frances Hesselbein
President & CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

"One of the pernicious problems of globalization is that leadership exists only in the eyes of the followers - and followers are always local. Dr. Wibbeke undertakes the immensely important task of preparing American businesspersons for their culture shocks in trying to lead abroad."

~ Geert Hofstede
Author of "Culture's Consequences"

"Global Business Leadership is a masterwork—a major contribution to our understanding of what it takes to lead others in an expanding and volatile global economy. Practitioners and scholars alike will be referring to this work for many years to come, and I recommend it to you as essential reading in preparing yourself for your adventures in global leadership."

~ Jim Kouzes
 Co-author of the best-selling book, "The Leadership Challenge"

"The first edition set a new standard in understanding global business leadership. The second edition creates a whole new genre with its benchmark interviews with global thought leaders.and is a must read."

~ Robert Moran
Professor of Global Management, Emeritus
American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird)

"Leadership is about relationships, and this perspective is just as true at home as it is abroad, no matter where in the world one calls home. Building upon this realization, Dr. Wibbeke provides practical insights into what it takes to becoming culturally sensitive and how to use this awareness to create leadership experiences that work for all parties."

~ Barry Z.  Posner
Co-author: 'The Leadership Challenge", "A Leader's Legacy", and "Credibility"

"It is clear that organizations are becoming more global which will require the leaders of such organizations to be more global. This is a good review of all the considerations that such leaders will have to take into account if they are to be successful."

~ Edgar Schein
Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA

"Dr. Wibbeke's groundbreaking book on culture and leadership is a must-read for anyone venturing across borders to do business. I recommend it highly!"

~ John Sperling
Chairman, Apollo Group, Inc., Founder, University of Phoenix

"This book is replete with vital information supporting success in both personal growth and business productivity. A reading of Dr. Wibbeke's thoughtful work should stimulate reflection on the meaning of "success" at home and in the global marketplace."

~ Walter F. Ulmer, Jr.
Former President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership
Former Commandant of Cadets at West Point